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If you are a new client or have not been serviced by Nita S in 3 or more months, select the "New Client" button below. For existing clients , select the "Existing Clients" button below. Booking is available 30 days out. If you need a date further out, email For all group classes and 1-on-1 classes, select the classes tab to learn more.


This consultation with Nita S is all about your hair. During this One-on-One you have the opportunity to discuss your hair health, hair history and hair goals. The goal is to work to maintain and improve hair health while keeping its integrity.  Everything from color, cut and extensions are options. Considering what best fits you, this discussion covers many aspects. The 15min service can be booked as an in-person or virtual experience. To enhance style success and ultimate health, products and at home care routines are created to continue top haircare at home. Book a consultation to become a new client and establish your style and hair health in your hair journey. For color book a consultation only 1st. Ready to book?


Welcome back and thank you for always choosing Nita S of Healthy Hair Couture to continue your stylish, hair health journey. Note, if it's been a while, 3 plus months, book a consultation to update Nita on your most recent hair history. Click the button below to see your stylist. 


Learn Nita's techniques on color, cut and extensions. Class centered kits are given to each student to ensure your ultimatelearningexperience. Group classes and 1-on-1 classes are available. 

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